my craving has been fulfilled because of you

wow they are really running out of stories to tell

as much as I love this show.. I am glad it’s over


this season was definitely dry compared to the others

I don’t give a damn about eddie



but it is taken, right?

the seat

its all yours


you know what?

it’s over


you definitely gonna get punched for that

I could think of worse things

like not saving your boyfriend’s seat


who has the first question?

okay, not everyone at once!

it’s your job to field the questions not ask them



you see how it works

she knew about it, it was before we got together

so It doesn’t really count


don’t tell me to shut up in front of these people

you’ve been screaming like a girl


we need to hear this problem

let’s get you two on the stage

just so you know, I am going to kill you afterwards



phony = fake

I am emotionally unstable?

perplexed = confused



so my advice on this one would just be forgive and forget


By indolentlady

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