lack of ideas

I love when everybody starts clapping to get them on stage

and this is who you replaced pacey for ?


I was using alcohol as my escape

in the process, I hurt a lot of people that were really close to me


let’s move on, shall we?

getting back to my problem , tell me, why did you act like this?


why do you think that this girl decided to rip my heart out without any explanation?

hey, get over it

I think that the time for your problem has come and gone


why don’t you get him a sample what they can receive when they call in

maybe she has a lot on her plate at the moment

she doesn’t feel like she has the time for relationship


I am the girl he is referring to

why did you dump him? unless you don’t feel comfortable talking

about these issues



he beats you, right? I knew it

I could see it in his eyes

is it something about this guy you don’t like?


why would you sabotage this?

why would you drive him away?


DRIVE SB AWAY – odstraszac

drive sb away = repulse


maybe we could bring jack up for some humiliation

do not let her change the subject again

DUTIES – dudis


take over the hosting duties

are you taking any medications?

are you on any medication?


can I get pregnant on a full moon?

that’s all the time we’ve got for this evening

if you find yourself alone and depressed

baby, you are reading my mind



what exactly are we doing back here?


we can put this terrible night behind us



but we haven’t sold our problem

why don’t you give the girl a break

have you looked at her recently?


my work is done here

I am gonna get some cheese

we’re living this fantasy



and we’ve been doing it ever since you got back

and as nice as the fantasy is.. it’s gonna have to end sooner or later

since you put it that way, I choose later


I am sorry I gave you a hard time

but there’s nothing I can do to earn your trust

I just gonna have to take a leap of faith


and know that I love you more than anything in this world

where are we going? back to my room, before Audrey gets back

she is not gonna be able to get back


in my mind there’s nothing even worth talking about

okay, just to clarify, I am crazy and you are not gonna attempt an apology

what the hell is that supposed to mean?


look, if you wanna break up with me over something this minor, just do it

that’s the first place you go?

you are not gonna walk away GUILT-FREE


I am gonna make it really simple for you

either apologize to me or break up with me


I deserve better than that

take a day, hell, take a week

think about it and let me know what you decide



let me explain

will you please let me explain?

I think I’ve heard all I need to hear

she may do something irrational If she doesn’t have anyone to talk to



WHO AM I SPEAKING WITH?? because you didn’t give me your name either

do you have a crisis ?

I just got dumped by the girl who had a lot of problems

you seem to be sympathetic with the girl who has got a lot of problems


she doesn’t have enough trust to confide in me

she needs to start realizing that whatever the problem is, her boyfriend is not enemy

everybody gotta start sometime


so what do I do?

she’s been keeping that from me

take as many as you need


just the man I was looking for

I knew you’d come around

can this night suck any harder?


there are more productive ways to manage aggression

I was practicing for a play

you know stella, stella, all that



I wasn’t entirely lying about the whole rehab thing

I mean that happened, the whole part of my life

and it wasn’t pretty; having to face myself and all that


it made me feel less alone

we must keep our distance

let’s get something to drink








By indolentlady

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