i need to believe that i am that one in a million who is gonna make it

jen’s life comes crashing down when she learns her grams has breast cancer

she reveals his true reasons for returning to boston

chaperon – sluzyc za przyzwoitke

although he is at first reluctant, he agrees with her



no one liked it, except for you. which is why I am here

you knew I could do it, but I had no idea

you’ve got the smile that breaks my heart

you walked away



it makes me wonder what this is

it looks much better ON

would that involved you being in a dress and heels

would you mind stepping in my office for a while

we gotta chat



you are breaking hearts left and right

I think, she may wanna claw your eyes out – wydrapac oczy

have you ever noticed how much this dress brings out your eyes ?

maybe you could check the attic

write movie, shoot it



I mean what’s your backup plan

boy’s bathroom

which is where we had our first kiss

you think that you


I don’t know where this thing is going

how could you possibly know that?

how is your script coming?


I hate her at same point

he has already bailed on her twice

something that you can fall back on




By indolentlady

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