I won’t get into anything beyond the fact

I wasn’t referring to culinary experience

I can take care of it myself



who is gonna take care of me?

she is my grandmother, the person I love most in the world

look, this is not a death sentence



nice speech. pacey teach you that?

they have some of the best, most emotional scenes on the show, by far

was that a reference to promicide


you know deep down she always cared about pacey

pacey is so much better than eddie

damn it, just decide, and if you do, be happy

if you can’t decide just be on your own until you made up your mind


counseling centre benefit with special guests

play out – odgrywac

how can you choose eddie over pacey

the rumour has it that Courtney love has got a new lover



so guess who was on my flight

I am talking about the sexiest man of all America

don’t you wanna maybe relax, get settled?


this guy is way hotter

popular radio call in show


advice to pathetic losers

it used to be on MTV

he was too busy throwing his back into living to SOAK UP some pop culture


where the hell I’ve been?

oh I’ve been in rehab

I gotta pee


you are excited about hosting gig tonight?

is something wrong? you seem a little tense


she opens up to C.J about grams cancer

a little Fleetwood Mac and Beatles

we never got a chance to finish our conversation

and what conversation was that?



its creeping me out

REPULSE – odstreczac, odstraszac

do you wanna make out

first come, first served


not a problem, its cool

it was nice meeting you

it’s a fear of public speaking



my duties tonight will be strictly limited to tickets-taking

I am helping you host the even. remember ?

have you seen him naked

that’d be the question of the hour



By indolentlady

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