you are your own worst enemy

that means a lot coming from you

you are mistaken. i don’t find you interesting, man


i am bringing c.j to this party

could you possibly not punch him tonight?


ain’t she pretty ?

she is an oversized HAG taking up my practice space

don’t talk about her like that


broad – damulka

now you are gonna ditch me? bail on me?

SHINDIG = party


I owe it all to bertha

MIND-NUMBING – cos oglupiajacego



don’t give me that look

what look


enjoy yourself

now that tv looks so out of date

it’s like bygone age



kind of dorky = stupid

FISTICUFFS – rekoczyny

i noticed lack of fisticuffs


i am happy how you turned her around

turn around = change

she was  a troubled young lady


what does c.j stand for

i hope those kids work it out

i push people away


you are such amazing woman and you make these guys wanna be better men

glum = gloomy

you have no idea the hardships i go through trying to maintain

a friendship with a dream girl such as yourself


that eases the pain

i cry myself every night but jack and i cuddle


he is very loving

i am a good [catch] = a  really promoting person to be married to

he is actually a very brilliant pianist


my visa expires [runs out] as soon as i quit the school


you are your own worst enemy


clean and sober


look who it is


BEAUT – cudo

can’t remember what it feels like to have painted nails

i was too strict on myself, i guess


he knew it was just alcohol talking

ferret – fretka

PINKIE TOE – the small toe at your foot


he bit off my pinkie toe

he drove through the house and almost killed us

pushing people away who were just trying to help me


you had to hit rock bottom before you realized you were sick

you are on dish duty tonight

let us conduct this session in peace, please


you’d better get yourself back to L.A fast

he is at ease [relaxed] with her

i haven’t given up on life


what exactly did she tell you

adamant = decisive = determined = strong-minded


think of as many synonyms as you can

it isn’t exactly your problem to solve

i mean there isn’t really much you can do



i am just trying to help you out

go dry those dishes

see i am a lovely drunk


you are a lovely and wise drunk

FRIGGING – pieprzony

this is gonna delay like two minutes




By indolentlady

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