to make a pit stop – zatrzymac sie zeby pojsc do toalety badz sie odswiezyc

who is gonna walk in? there is nobody in there

we need to think logically



hey, any luck?

INTERCOM – domofon

we can’t communicate with the outside world

pay phone – automat telefoniczny


there’s a lot of homework to be done

a lot of books to be read

i’ll have you home in no time [straight away]


let’s just take a little time out

i just can’t believe my ears

we broke up

we moved on



was i supposed to feel miserable about the way things ended?

she didn’t say tat

she was being sarcastic


if i don’t see this that thing on your face anymore i will consider myself helped

you’re only delaying the inevitable

FIRE AWAY – smialo, dawaj


it is never too cold for ice cream!

i’ve everything in my life that i possibly could have

just because i’ve never done that before doesn’t mean i am not good at it

i think it’s better to go with sensitive skin


the only one way to express that was to pick a fight with me

can i just sleep on this

did you know?

did i know what?



giant stars overhead

this store is perfect just the way it is

don’t change anything


you could offer to carry one of these things

this by far is the best episode

they spend the whole [entire]  night locked up together


bad timing

you are on your way out





By indolentlady

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