welcome to the U.S

sheilla follows eddie to his family home where they face up to their emotions and obstacles they have to overcome to be together



back in england, the guy is invited to an exclusive party where he receives a promotion

don’t worry, this will pass in no time [very quickly]

TIP SB OFF THAT – to let somebody know about something

she returns from los angeles and is welcomed into band but she blows her chances by getting drunk

just before taking the stage



pool table -the  table to play billiards on

i am less prim believe me

prim – really boring person, nothing interesting happens in their life

oh, while we are on the subject of bartenders

oh please, we just had a little fling [temporary love affair]



i must have got it wrong

it was over before it started , you know

and you know i am torn

because on the one hand i see you really committed [devoted to]



why don’t you come on in and i will explain about that

mayhem = chaos

if you make me regret this, i will kill you

how are you holding up





i am a good shoulder to cry on

i appreciate the offer but there is nothing to talk about

thanks for the recap



recap – to tell the whole story briefly [streszczenie]

recap = summary = to summarise

give a credit for – dac uznanie za cos

how’s the search going?



any now leads?

LEAD – olow


lead = trace



copper – miedz

lead – olow; grafit

flint – krzemien



am i supposed to hire a detective to find a guy i dated for two months, who never wants to see me again

how do you know he doesn’t want to see you / how do you know that

i just got hit in the head

maybe he got kidnapped by thieves

one of most promising sellers

you gonna be okay on your own for a little while?



so you’ve heard of me ?

where did you hear that?

you are gonna try a little harder than that

where is this coming from?

she cut classes again

where have you been, young lady?



i just had an errand to run

worcester – woster

big gig, huh?

well, in that case..


actually, can i just have a sip?

you shouldn’t be at home punishing her/



my compliments to the chef on the buffalo wings

someone so idiotic shouldn’t be able to get into college

roofies – illegal kind of pills that make people pass out

the milk has gone bad

where did you get this?



did you call my house and hang up yesterday?

it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done

i had cockroaches crawling on my arm

but why would you think it would make a difference to me



you have a  life ahead of you

so do you!

knew – aj nu

no prospects, no education, no talents

PEP TALK  – the speech that aims to motivate a certain person




well, welcome aboard

i hope i can live up your expectations

it’s worth a try

you are out of the band

hey, you really can’t kick me out



get a sense of humour

hey i’ve her chained to radiator

i think you should ask yourself



why this has all been so easy

it doesn’t belong in the garbage

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