my finest day is yet unknown !

what’s all that?

i told you i was sick

so are you gonna tell me or what?


nothing to tell


let me ask you something

ring any bells?



i came by to apologize

for what?

for stealing me job?

you are like my mentor


just don’t make it any worse

ain’t no mountain enough to keep me from getting to you

open up your heart

that facial hair represents money he owes


you’ve let down everyone who has ever lived

fight to win back your love again

if we’d go again all the way from the start


come on candles, work with me!

it’s not fair to have a model singing

to taste the sweet i faced the pain

i rise and fall



give me one moment in time when i am racing with destiny

i’ve laid the plans

now lay the chance

here in my hands


you are winner for a lifetime

if you seize that one moment in time






By indolentlady

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