i will give it a shot

she should be in rehab

she refuses to do a nude scene


get laid = have sex

gimme a hug

get better soon


fly safe

how you been

you are ten times sexier when you are ugly

i’ve been thinking a lot about what you said last night

about taking chances


about not giving up on myself

my sister lives out there

i am gonna crash with her and her family



computer crashed = went down

i need to stop being afraid of living my life

just me and the open road


good luck out there

do you think a hug would be out of the question?

that chair doesn’t make you a director


hold that thought

i am not getting naked

he finds his authority questioned when employees refuse to do what they were asked for

what’s wrong?

what is it


you two were terminally smitten

i can’t turn my back on my faith

he wanted me to convert


you deserve so much better than that

he is not a freak

hey open up, i know you’re in there


she went in there a while ago

you didn’t show up for rehab


rock bottom – siegnac dna

how long does it take to drive from boston to california?

keep up the good work, sweetie pie


we got off on the wrong foot yesterday

it’s wrong to hit girls, right?

sadly, yes



i bet you you’re gonna look really hot pumping  gas

we should set them up

you laugh. i am serious

i keep trying on different angles


she bailed on you

why would you drive to north carolina if you were going from boston to L.A




couldn’t have said it better myself

she is so sloppy – she always spills something on the floor


glutton for punishment = masochist



i screwed up – blew it

what are you getting sick or something?

don’t bother asking



headlight – front light of the car

you walk around like a deer in headlights


you will get run down



it’s demeaning to women = it’s offending


holy Moses = holy crap = holy shit


you are a real downer = a person who is really depressing to other people

icecap – pokrywa lodowa



get the hell of my set and stop wasting my time

familiarize yourself

are we clear?

i think i am ready to go to rehab


i am not sure if i can call it a night

that’s a WRAP – koniec zdjec w filmie

wrap the parcel in some strong paper


world keeps spinning

i came along to remind you



you will get there . i have a feeling about you

my pleasure


the whole new world is gonna open up for you

how do we do that

i had a good boy to help me along the way


i am happy things turned out well for him

beantown = boston


CHOCK FULL – wypelniony po brzegi = full of

what was she thinking

meanwhile, she throws a big party to celebrate her success


she lets loose – she stop being so prim

spontaneous game of spin the bottle

she agrees to marry him, so that he can get green card






By indolentlady

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