don’t lose yourself in it

do you want to be the lead singer?

i will close down that company, just you wait !

she misses his first gig because of work



he confronts his professor about an unfair grade on paper

i think we’ve been acting a little immature since the incident

he is gonna eat you alive



what about such image : you kissing me on the mouth

i am not gonna beat around the bush

maybe your expectations were too high



he blew out all the candles

she was strangled to death

the guy was shot dead



she gets stuck taking professor’s daughter to a haunted house with Eddie

and you call yourself a film geek

shame on you

co-star – grac jedna z czolowych rol



i am pleased to announce you that i’ve become a co-star

how’s my costume coming

how’s my party coming



dailies = rushes – pictures taken on a movie set during one day; combined all together make a perfect reflection of all scenes engaged in shooting

the hardest part is just before you start

prissy – a person who is considered dull, uninspiring; such person is not eager to take risk of any kind, their life is predictable

what’s going on with you? see me

do you have any interest in coming to a party ?



i talked hedson into you coming back

talk sb into sth – to persuade someone to do something ; convince

it was clearly a mistake

my bad



could you watch where you’re going

that’d be none of your business

where can i find some girl with the unfortunate name of joey

can i talk to you for a second



we’re gonna grab some refreshments, you guys wanna something ?

she has some issues with her father

i don’t need your pity



you got under my skin – someone who exaggerated in some way and made the other person pissed off

SCAREDY CAT – you are such a scaredy cat – a person who is scared of everything

i’ve died and gone to hell

thanks smartass = wiseass



i am just asking if everything’s okay

i got it totally under control

don’t lose yourself – there are certain moments in your life, when some things that are happening can have a big impact on you, it can do with your perception of the world, your own personal traits, the way of acting. the point is you have to remain yourself in this whole crap.. you have to act in harmony with yourself, you can’t let people change you if you don’t feel you need this. you have to remember about your priorities, higher values that have always been important to you so that nothing and no one is able to have influence on you.

why are we bickering? – having a fight

oh get a grip

we were a perfect fit



i am afraid you can only answer that one

me, not so much

go back to your miserable little existence



do you mind giving us a second


don’t mess it up

go to waste



i deserve way better than that

they are having a heart-to-heart talk

ego tripping – something that makes you feel more confident; increasing self esteem

did you know about this?

so let’s get started

new orleans = big easy, LOUISIANA

By indolentlady

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