i’ve been killing time for too long

i am shaking in my boots


it’s so joey potter logic

yep, but flu is going around


I don’t want to make it any worse

it will get in the way

see for yourself


you are not planning on turning into a pumpkin tomorrow

it means everything to me

it means a world to me


shouting at the top of our lungs

such an obnoxious person

i stop and give in


is it okay for him to see someone else over the summer?

what is the name of the song at the end?

she was afraid of going backward

she was afraid that they would get stuck in the past



see me after class for details

scholar jack is gonna make me watch this movie

duly-noted – nalezycie zauwazone


earnest – being deadly serious

i am not a quitter

i am gonna go freshen up




By indolentlady

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