let the things you love be your escape

*i can entertain myself for an hour


this guy hit on me

we have nothing left to say

we don’t have anything left to say


sounds like a plan

it’s just upside down that’s why I can’t read it

consider yourself to be lucky

I don’t usually take freshmen


they can freak out when they realize how much work is involved

we are gonna hang up here

you’ve got to be kidding me

the student I found promising


ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES – radzic sobie z niepowodzeniami

this is how college is supposed to look like

dicing potatoes and chopping up parsley


safety net – siatka asekuracyjna

BOOTY CALL – telefon z podtekstem seksualnym, it’s like a call that has a hidden context, sexual one

SNUGGLE – przytulic sie, wtulic sie



you are the man! what makes you say that

what was that for?

I beg to differ – I am not agree with you



try not to spit on your mum

near-sighted – krotkowzroczny



they try to help him cope with the tragic death of his father





By indolentlady

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