you should know that appearances can be deceptive

I can go stag – to go to a party alone without a date

why get mad when you can get even



i’d love to go to the prom with you !

I don’t want you to be anything but yourself



corsage – bukiecik przypinany do sukienki, a tiny bunch of flower that sticks to your dress

maybe you will try to figure out a reason



you can’t go forward when you go backwards all the time

if  stay with you I am going to continue taking them out on you



you broke my heart into thousand pieces

she didn’t tell me she was leaving

so obviously she doesn’t want me to know



estate agent = realtor

PRESSING MATTER – pilna sprawa



retirement community – dom spokojnej starosci

where are you going?

back to school

you saw me standing out here



I can’t get over how much he reminds me of you

college tuition

I am truly flattered

I am afraid to be away without my grammy !\

don’t make me use this

got a minute



she is taking a good care of you

I can overcome everything

you will be eaten alive – zjedzony zywcem

another great summer ahead for me !!!


keep your comments to yourself next time


By indolentlady

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