there’s a natural course of event

pauline throws thomas a surprise birthday party, but ends up with a few more surprises than she anticipated


i puked on a guy who i had a massive crush on

what are you so happy about


you are very sneaky, you know that?  you just turned around that entire conversation

i am not ready to go public with this


because i am taken and greg is extremely jealous

no wonder your husband left you, you are becoming a cow



sure thing, MA

my mother could have stopped that shot

it will cost you at most 5 pounds


at most  – co najwyzej

he will flunk out




come wash up for the dinner

will you go and grab ketchup? it’s in the fridge


i got bigger problems on my mind


which are?

i think i am gonna hurl [puke, vomit, throw up]

he pushed me off the swing set


fallback – wyjscie awaryjne

i got rejected when i first time applied for the police academy


why would you have invented this fictional character


chipped beef – suszona wolowina w plasterkach


right now you are here and so am i

it was all hopeless – like a trap with no way out


she is hopeless at sports

two my best pals from college



pal = mate = buddy

my best pals from college are swinging by [=dropping by]

he is taking her out


want you and that boyfriend of yours to go with them

you still young to fall in and out of love



pancreatic cancer – rak trzustki

turn it up – podglos



you are shedding a tear over this idiot

he is a world-class moron

you are gonna walk through life alone



i am meeting some friends for coffee, around the corner

you take the car, we’ll take the cab

i should be getting home anyway



they were highly overpriced

course of event – bieg wydarzen

so pick it.. regular or decaf



hey tobey, we don’t click

even if you wanted to change that, you couldn’t


as much as i hate to admit it i think you were right about us



you have to put your heart at risk

that’s the only one way to find love

If it make you any better, as soon as i got there i felt bad about the way i acted



ROLL-CALL – odczytywanie listy obecnosci

there are boundaries and rules



i think i am just a glutton for punishment – masochista

i will make one up



everyone deals with death in his own way

five people showed up for his funeral


just making conversation

and then life gets in the way

By indolentlady

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