it has never crossed my mind

what is she doing up there?

your mother is still getting dressed

I am not going into a coma

contractions – skurcze porodowe


period pains

caesarean birth


baby shower

bachelorette party –  hen party


I will be with you for better and for worse

it needn’t be the end of the line


we are just dealing with reality

cold night. buses run late



run late – spozniac sie

how are you?

never better !


bodie swore mitch would love it

you really have to follow your own path now

I am not having this conversation with you


gale is in labour

another part of me is smarter and knows you have to let people go


have you told her?

pretty much

last year in college I miscarried


I looked him in the eyes and smiled at him

I wish I had this strength and courage



I am sure she’ll be fine

couldn’t have picked a better family


I thought you had a train to catch

she faces the prospect of leaving the country






By indolentlady

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