fancy a day off?

getting together this Christmas just got better

hang out with your family

I am not surprised, I’ve broken my heart so many times



not everything lasts

come away with meeeee



senior ditch day

ditch day – swieto lasu

the Super Bowl – is a championship in American football;


CINCO DE MAYO – is a celebration held on 5 May. it is celebrated across the entire US.

it stuck in my head


hitchhiking or walking distance

come on. you are up for adventure


this quiz?

it was a piece of cake


to ace – to manage to do sth, to do well on exam, e.g]

ludicrous – hilarious


we are out of chicken

she got accepted to the University of New York

okay, next round is on me!


can you get us a round of your finest tequila

they sat round the table

we use only the finest ingredients


let’s toast, shall we? to the future

I can’t think of anything


you know what? this blows my mind

DORM ROOM – pokoj w akademiku


all those things were beyond my control

you know the drill = you know the rules



see you around – do widzenia

she experiences a scare

your mother is still getting dressed




By indolentlady

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