so this is christmas

when do you study – in the evenings

my aunt is going to stay at my place – how long for


the snow was falling heavily when i left the houe

i can’t find my keys i must have left them at work


when the car pulled out (wyjezdzac z miejsca postoju, wjezdzac na droge) in front of her, she did not know what to do, she just froze.


what differences are there between the English spoken in the UK and the English spoken in the US

provided you get the money, i will take you skiing this weekend

they agreed to to supply the school team with uniforms


anyone arrives after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval

i didn’t want to drive home in the storm so i stayed overnight in a hotel

according to peter’s information the train leaves at 10 o’clock


she should do well


at 7 p.m i started to get angry because he was late as usual

provided you get your father’s permission, i will take you skiing next month

i really enjoy stories that are set in the distant future


i think that this saucepan can come in handy – byc uzyteczny 

she seemed to take offence at my comments on her work


ELECTRICITY SUPPLY – dostawa energii elektrycznej

reguirement = necessity = obligation, duty

implication = outcome


she is nuts at you


EXPERTISE = proficiency 

so let’s set the world on fire

novelty – something that is an innovation, something completely new


walkway = passageway = aisle  [between rows of seats ]

give in to desire = if you just can’t hold back your desire any more


something that gratifies = makes you happy

SELF-INDULGENCE – it describes me so perfectly


innate = inborn talent, for instance

outwardly – widziane na zewnatrz



be open – minded about what your talent might be

be patient, it may take a lot of time and false starts to find out what are you best at

cave in = collapse
















By indolentlady

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