those things are off-limits

i think you’ve earned my trust

this music doesn’t entirely suck


he works out, doesn’t he

let’s not go there

i am so lovesick na na na


guts odwaga

well=verse – one who has a sufficient knowledge with regards to various subjects, topics

there is no other way out


tap water – woda z kranu

like two peas in a pot- jak dwie krople wody

she is an amazing catch – dobra partia


don’t mention it – nie ma o czym mowic

she talked about you the whole ride up


we share  the same interests together

do you know how hard it is to find a friend like that?

lifetime of sorrow? no, thank you


what makes you tick – the things that motivate you, that keep you going in live

back off

BUSBOY – a waiter helper, he/she is gathering all dirty dishes together and putting them into the kitchen to have them cleaned


reckless, rashness

he is a reckless, rash guy

you fit me like a puzzle piece that has been missing




By indolentlady

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