the scariest moment is just before you start

by the way, you are officially kicked out of the alliance

finally something we agree on


i agree on that

and i can’t possibly understand your life


sissy – a boy who acts like a girl

tomboy = a girl who enjoys boys’ company


it doesn’t make me any more straight

prudent = wise = demure = sober-minded


he had people he could rely on

gimme that highlighter


use a highlighter to mark the most important sentences

SECReT is out


born and raised in vegas

becky, get on with itttt


i have feelings for her

i have feelings for him

unexpected truths are revealed


i admited to him that i liked her

you are nothing like nick

i got the strength to say goodbye from you


see you back there

what’s that buzzing?


what’s what buzzing

there’s something buzzing

i didn’t get the chance to tell you


there’s someone truly special in my life that i cannot stop thinking about

what took you so long

fellowship = friendship – kolezenstwo




By indolentlady

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