SELF-RELIANCE – samodzielnosc

maybe i will reveal an important decision i’ve made with regards to college.

i accompanied my boyfriend to a formal party


contraceptive – srodek antykoncepcyjny

have you finished your application yet?

yes, pretty much

i just have the essay part left


she is all about higher learning

you know that the deadline is quickly approaching


if she chooses to stay here, so be it

she is on her own


BULLY FOR YOU – tez mi cos

it had an impact on me


being in a relationship means that you have to do things you don’t particular enjoy for that other person.

why don’t you take them

since you wrote me off we have nothing to talk about


write off – spisac na straty

she is far too stubborn to do that


TO SCARE THE LIFE OUT OF SB – przestraszyc kogos na smierc

fizzy drink = soda = soda pop


what are you ? 15?!

you are grinning like an idiot!


EGGNOG – ajerkoniak

now come try my eggnog man


my class rank was fourth

i will not lose any more sleep


i am gonna go over and say hi

i’ve noticed a certain fondness for art


have you ever been to a new GUGGENHEIM – spain

have you ever tried sunflower seeds?

SHINDIG – a huge party


quarrel = dispute = argument = fight

i am going to keep a low profile for this year’s christmas

i caught another train and i never looked back


no matter how disappointed, angry or  upset i may be with you, i will always be there for you

i think i blew it tonight


you didn’t blow anything

your academic record is just perfect

no one is grading you on your SOCIAL SKILS

my social skills… don’t ask 😀

i have to work on it


nuisance = public disorder

chummy – towarzyski, poufaly

did it ever occur to you


i happen to be head over heels in love with you

i wanted to impress those people so much. to fit it and i completely froze

and when you step through, everything is gonna be amazing


your mother raised the perfect boy







By indolentlady

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