for every piece of happiness there’s a piece of unhappiness

famous last words – akurat

what does brace yourself expression mean?

brace yourself – get ready for something unpleasant or shocking


can i get two skinny lattes, extra hot, no foam

right away   again..


if it’s tough for you, you don’t want it enough

QUEER – pedzio

i wouldn’t exactly put it in that way

hat coat

i would like to erase that moment from my mind

just explain yourself to me

didn’t you people ever play spin the bottle ?


there’s no such thing as just a kiss

puberty = adolescence

i have faith in you

even if i wanted to go which i don’t, it’s totally wrong



guy loves girl, guy gets girl, guy loses girl

you can never have too many groceries


did you take a grocery list?

it doesn’t matter how i did on that stupid test

i can’t really undo it



6 he is a high school senior

do whatever your heart tells you to do


what can i help you with

i will not bend the rules


what you did.. admirably – godne podziwu – it left me astounded


flyer = booklet = brouchere = a small sheet of paper advertising something

By indolentlady

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