if you think it’s tough you don’t want it enough

words of wisdom, priceless

permission granted


coming home


aren’t you supposed to be concerned about me due to recent tragedy?

you were in diapers that time


when you gets there, it turns out it’s okay

you should introduce me to your friends


you are throwing me a birthday party? unacceptable


if that’s what you really want


can I ask you an inevitable question?




I didn’t say that… don’t put words in my mouth



do you happen to know where he lives?

chippy = whore = bitch = hoe = slat



he left his son high and dry

my boyfriend left me high and dry


it pretty much sucks


on the side


I don’t think you’ve met alice, have you?

she ran off from home when she was only sixteen



I am the older sibling

mood swings.. it’s something common when it comes to her


how’s it going in there?



let me get this straight

mashed potatoes

look I am flattered, but stop doing this


everything is so unstable

if you don’t stop taking my pictures I am gonna smack you


the sound you are making when eating;  to SMACK


we will never ever get back together

sexual intercourse


regardless – pomimo czegos,

I had a miscarriage = poronienie

I felt guilty for feeling relieved


keep going and keep trying


I went to the clinic to stock up some goodies

she just got into Harvard


he takes /gets a hint

you are way too interested


does it bother you ?


RIGHT ON – w porzadku, dobra

glow necklace


where did that come from?

where did you hear that?


he is so over me

i am not over him


i am getting a little bit of headache

she just collapsed


okay. try this, close your eyes


you have to work off your debt


she is branded as a stupid girl





she gets the opportunity of a lifetime

unless you want to starve to death, you’d better get in here


they can leave you, i mean your friends, when you make the wrong ones


to take the rest of the year off

pros and cons = wady i zalety



we did that things unconditionally; we were selfless

i am a mess now



i need somebody who will stand by me


if the offer still stands, i would really like to do that for you

stalwart = anchor


i am gonna miss you more than anything

the thought of not having you around can be a bit overwhelming

PRANK – psikus, wybryk


pushover – naiwniak

halfback = defender


striker = forward

how do i make them respect me



you are my pen pal = penfriend

goalkeeper = goalie





By indolentlady

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