yearning for esteem?

we could take a picnic

we could go over to STATEN ISLAND and CONEY ISLAND

dense = thick


stealing kisses

he is not a sneak by nature


they would end up making love

you make it all sound so beautiful


it takes root

he loved her far far more than any other he had ever met

I need this money to secure a future in CA

she lifted her head above the dashboard [deska rozdzielcza]


I will come and pick you up around 7

do you want to race with me?

I will pick you up about 7 to go dancing


I looked out of place at my prom

I was underdressed

you will outshine[przycmic] any other girl whatever you wear


you looked a treat in that pink dress you had when we first met

her hair was tightly braided [=mocno spleciony]

slipping my hand round his waist


he sent my senses&head reeling a hundred times

they sank down on to the rug

love-making can be such bliss


I was so shameless

his hand crept up under his skirt

I was pulling his shirt out of his pants


his sighs of pleasure

he knelt down to remove his shirt entirely, exposing his chest

bare-chested, seemed to appear even more handsome than usual


I unhooked his sweater

underclothes and stays


chemise – halka, luzna sukienka na ramiaczkach

he fondled [piescic, poglaskac] her hand

to cup = trzymac w zlaczonych dloniach, np. motyla, twarz

she stiffened [zesztywniec] when he removed his pants


she stiffened the sauce by adding the cream

he rubbed his eyes

she rubbed his hands


she tucked her baby in – utulac do snu

GRUFFLY – szorstko, opryskliwie

I was so loose letting him do all that to me


10 days passed in a flash

in a blink of an eye


he handed over the money in a blink of an eye

I am all set

do you think we can go back to meeting at your place and waiting for Friday to come round?



he was wiping away her tears with his finger

I will send for you – poslac po kogos

it will break his resolve = zlamac postanowienie


jaunty step – zwawy, zawadiacki

derby = bowler hat – melonik

I’ve got beds to air [przewietrzyc]


I don’t know where to begin

slipping away like a thief in the night

November slipped into December


the temperature began to soar [=go up]

good reason to put it off for another day

he fell from a horse and Giles had to take over all the services


I was dishing up [podawac na stol] eggs and bacon for breakfast

she was leading me over to the bench

retch – wymiotowac


and a blush coloured her face

I missed a period last month

monthlies – miesiaczka


nursemaid- opiekunka do dzieci






By indolentlady

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