just keep trying and trying.. it’s just the matter of timing

when tears stream down your face

if anything happens, its natural history museum I work at

your life is up to you

what you make of your life is up to you


does it happen very often? I mean your tears streaming down your beautiful face..

just give a note to that guy

SEND SB REELING – I don’t know what I feel now. the only one thing I am sure of is that those particular moments were amazing .

at times he even sent me reeling [nogi sie uginaja]


I did some stupid gesture as I turned to give him a hug..

I felt awkward as turned to go down the steps

he went down the steps to find her gazing at the snow-filled street


he put a hand on her shoulder and started looking out with her

give me back my point of view

churn = maselnica


take him tobogganing (=saneczki)

when can I go to see them again, sir? – she asked wistfully [full of yearning, longing]

when the weather gets better, I will meet him

we are gonna discuss all the aspects over dinner [supper]


the sheet slipped off the bed.. it happens constantly

we couldn’t discuss individuals for fear of letting things slip

she praises me more than despairs

she sighed ruefuelly [zalosnie, smutno]

we might find her wanting to leave this place


she is bound to make love to him

she is bound to turn back to prostitution when she is free of allegations

I really need to get a new jacket.. incoming winter ‘s gonna be freezing. in the first place, I have to be warmly-clothed, then well-fed!

I know where you got this laptop from. they advertise in the newspaper all the time


he used to tweak my cheek when I was upset [tweak= uszczypnac]

go to any lengths – trying to achieve something no matter what, using all possibilities, all possible methods, doing your best, trying really hard

you don’t have to go to such lengths, fluttering your eyelashes is enough



what about slavery abolishing?

I always keep an open mind about people until I met them

this passion roared inside me


that desire grew so much that she could barely hold back

whatever he is like, she is not gonna accept him

this picture is out of focus [nieostre], try to adjust sharpness


he found himself puzzling on the sharpness of that last remark

Pauline felt her face flush red

I felt a flush creeping into my face


I believe, I am entitled to a private life, aren’t I ?

she whisked up eggs for breakfast

all those feelings churned up inside


all the problems insurmountable [impossible to overcome, obstacles that are not possible to be overcome]

saloon – bar 😉

I poured myself a glass of wine

it poured down all day so we had to remain indoors


the smile you can die for

I poured the dirty water away

he could take me out on Friday evenings


I regret I didn’t see things that way before

he was completely, entirely unique

I found this attitude to be part of your charm


by the summer I would have enough money saved to set out for a trip to the USA

I saw myself stepping off the boat, living in a pretty house with a porch to sit out in the evenings

what about a horse in the stable?


doubts could creep in

tumbledown -walacy sie = dilapidated

I might end up having many babies and not enough many coming in to feed them

he might find himself so embittered that he would turn to drinking


vague – metny, niejasny

I want my problems to be swept away for ever

the miracle came in april, just after Easter

touch of spring in the air


can you feel the touch of spring in the air?

I went out into the yard


privy = outhouse [wychodek, ubikacja]

she noticed green buds [paczki]

it’s customary to tip the waiter


she heard birdsong rather than customary squawk of seagulls

I was about to get up from the table

castle green

I will take you dancing

HAVEN – przystajn, port, schronienie



neighbourhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City









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