hear me out

i’ll let you know all the details later on

describe yourself in as much detail as possible


it debates whether inborn qualities or acquired experiences determine who we are. do you think your personality depends more on genetically determined traits or the upbringing we receive?


*personality : quick-tempered, easy-going, laid-back , taciturn, sociable, out-going, conceited, bossy, overbearing,

big-headed, high-flying, self-centred, self-confident, self-opinionated

*clothing: under-dressed, over-dressed, stilettos, hi tops converse,

*appearance : spotty complexion, flawless complexion, suntanned, dark-skinned, fair-skinned, bushy beard, stocky, big-bellied, pink-faced, broad-shoulderd, short-legged


You should wear this old brown sheepskin for your date, what do you say?

wearing the kind of clothes that she did, resembled an old woman

thinking about all that stuff that she did, made her even more depressed

the boy always used to doubt that the next Mr Right would actually be the one


for her first prospective boyfriend, mother chose to wear an elegant black suit, matching her leather boots

we have certain tastes in common

gradually, the mother changed her clothing style to suit her own taste

having finally met the cardiologist, the mother had already met a plethora of men of different appearance and personality.


Okay, say whatever you want to heal your ego and build up your self-esteem.. but the truth is your son is unbelievable slob, he can sit in an armchair, doing nothing, let alone talking about the other sloven that you raised.. correct me if i am wrong but he wears the same blouse almost every day.


does that ring a bell?

she used to wear baggy t-shirts in the summer. no stilettos, or stockings, but hiking boots and woolen tights.

my mother in silk lingerine?  come off it!

but then again, he liked to wear flared jeans, but nobody cared, okay?


here the name of the new boyfriend was given

her optimism was adored by men. how many? i was soon to learn

i pretended to have indigestion and spend the evening in my room


i thought it was the end of the world. but the worst was yet to come. and it came when the door opened and i understood this guy is not a pizza-delivery man, but my mum’s boyfriend!


i wish i had been that optimistic at least once / if only i had been that optimistic at least once

after the episode with the ballet dress my mum never wore anything sophisticated again

one felt at home : having come for dinner, he took off his corduroy trousers, exposing his grey long johns and put on his pink rabbit slippers.

the traits of character my mum chose were also unique.

he started to shout and kicked the kitchen stool which broke into pieces


By indolentlady

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