is this really happening?

i feel like i am being bitten all over my body

it was kinda dead and alive story, wasn’t it?

i feel like i am staying in the middle of nowhere


a summer house beside a lake

she dreamt to live in a cottage in the country

sidewalk = pavement


two-bedroom flat

three-bedroom flat

it was the only way they could afford

what are the exact dimensions of that room?


yearn = long for 

i have to point out that i have a great respect for your accomplishments

hickey = love bite


you need to measure the width of the windows before you change them

the room is about 5 metres in width

i want to be praised for my merits

i want to be pat on the shoulder for my merits


use either hand to hold the door (either – ktorejkolwiek)

i am sorry for losing my temper that night

i am trying to keep my voice steady (opanowany, zrownowazony)


excited = aroused

at the head of this company ( na przedzie, na czele)

set the table = lay the table


what about kitchenette?

unveil = discover = reveal

cover ; discover


i totally agree, but my room is really messy

mugs & plates everywhere

choose = opt for



and apart from that i am not sure if i want to share a flat with a complete stranger



nourish – odzywiac


as light as a feather





By indolentlady

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