i didn’t know you had a boyfriend, Gina!

he was born on 22nd of March

let’s go have a beer, it’s on me ! 🙂

what about your education?


he has a university degree (dyplom ukonczenia studiow)

what does he do for a living? what do you do?

he kissed her goodbye

the happy couple – para młoda!

spinsterhood? no way 😀

family name/maiden name

i have to p-o-i-n-t   o-u-t 😀

but no offence, okay?


hideous = unsightly

flaccid muscles [zwiotczale miesnie]

lanky = very very thin!

the sooner, the better

the taller the person is, the more attractive he or she seems

hi-tops converse.. i did not forget! 🙂 


you know what? anything you want, anything in the world you can make it yours 🙂

what about hair in plaits? do you like it?

i do not want to postpone that


postpone = put sth off

waist = midriff






i wore my hair pulled back into a ponytail

i wore my hair tied back into a thick single braid

this room is about 5 metres in width 


one should marvel at those beautiful flowers [podziwiac]


chic = fashionable = CLASSY


he earns his living as a desk clerk 🙂

it’s time for you to start earning your living

ambitious = aspiring = high-flying  – A-M-B-I-T-N-Y


i am laughing at problems.. my attitude is not very reccomendable 😉

i am accustomed to eating in the evening or even later

lazy = slothful = lazy bones = indolent = idle  IT’S NOT ME ANYMORE !!!






just keep calm

last, but not least


impatient = eager

TRAINING PERIOD. Pauline is participating in a training period


clever=smart=intelligent = bright

reasonable = sensible = sane

insane =mad


dishonest = deceitful = bogus = fake


intrigued = puzzled

word puzzle = rebus




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