can you open the window, please? [we are talking about definite window not a random one]

the girl with a green bag

the house i live in

the car you bought last year


the tiger is a dangerous animal [refers to the specific group]

the panda is an endangered species

the first man on the moon [jurij gagarin]

the only person i can trust


before adjectives that define specific group of people or nationalities

the rich; the unemployed, the french, the polish, the democrats

caribbean ; the mediterranean

the netherlands

the seychelles


the Independent

the browns

i saw brad pitt. really? that brad pitt? (tego brada pitta)

i play the piano [instruments]


i heard that on the radio

the vistula flows into the baltic sea

a uniform


an hour

an heir [nieme ‘h’]

an honour


volleyball is a team sport

a kilo of strawberries

a thousand pounds


inheritance = legacy

a dozen eggs


there is an interesting programme on tv tonight

what a wonderful surprise

cheese [plural form]


two pounds a kilo [dwa funty za kilogram]

there is a mr smith on the phone to you [ jakis]


she drove at 100 miles an hour

the Hague, the Antarctic, the Ukraine

fifth avenue


the high street, the strand

for christmas, for easter, in spring

the love i felt for him [darzyc]


dyscypliny; dziedziny nauki

i do judo

i play tennis

i hate physics


home ; bed ; work

i went straight to bed

i am at work

i returned home


put the suitcase on the bed [specific furniture]

mark is in hospital

jane went to the hospital to visit mark


i go to church every sunday

the tourits went to the church to admire its wonderful frescos


children like sweets

tell the children to wash hands

i like to read books

the books you recommended were really interesting

vegetables are very healthy


on business [ w interesach]

at night

in court

we will meet in court

on holiday




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