your welcome!

conceit = swagger 

big-headed = self-opinionated

villain = wretch

wretched = wicked !

i kept it hidden for so long

it was just a dispute over our pastimes

demand for cigarettes

i wonder what’s the cause of his sudden change of heart 

word is that men are very unfaithful

i prefer tea to coffee


i prefer running to swimming

she died of lung cancer

we have to buy a present for Tom, but i can’t think of anything (niczego wymyslic)

i suspect him of killing that boy

i am about to apologize to Tom because of my behaviour


i am about to apologize to tom for my behaviour

he confessed to stealing these documents

how can i apologize for my behaviour?

is there anything i could do for you?

he does not long for you. you have to put up with this new situation that came through

okay, i understand your commitment, but get to the point!


you know what your lovely cousin did to me? he pointed a gun at me when i picked a  fight.. laughable!

but i was so terrified then. he was out of his mind

the whole situation got out of hand. i was at loss!

you can rely om him. he is a trustworthy guy


defiant (=rebellious = disobedient) type? 😀

at the moment, i only care about my exams

you have to abstain from the voting

he has a vocation for being a priest


why are you hiding from me?

how to prevent from getting angry every time he came into my room without knocking

knocking at the door

she insisted on stepping by


step-by-step = gradually

working up to it

mum cut the cake into four pieces, and we had one each


how to cope with that situation?

she was so absorbed in studying 


i am successful in that branch of life

indifferent to someone else’s despair [suffering]

i am eager to do it


i am capable of singing

a friend of mine was jealous of my success

you were right about him – he is a liar


this town is famous for [noted for] its beautiful palace and wine cellars


she lives on second floor, is that inconvenient   for you?

we are even!

the sooner the better

we lost track of time


she was driving at 100 miles an hour

what is the area code for Warsaw? [numer kierunkowy]


one fifth (1/5)

nine subtracted from five makes four



five times five makes twenty-five

twenty into five makes four


five raised to the power of three is one hundred and twenty-five

tom’s birthday is on the 24th of december, so he gets twice as many presents as anybody else





By indolentlady

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