i have no intention of helping her !

she tends to stretch the truth

it shortens your hardship or lengthens (EXTEND)


WORKDAY = WORKING DAY (dzien powszechny, pracujacy)

the cause of death is still unknown

advantages of living in a big city

a wide variety of jobs

more places to go, opportunity to spend your free time (leisure)much more interesting than in a small town;

cinemas, theatres (wide range of performances, movies.. in small towns are shown only basic performances. you do not have much choice)

usually amazing scenery; places to admire


i don’t take advantage of going to this place

he showed a great gratitude for his commitment (= dedication= devotion)


utopia – an imaginary place that is considered to be perfect/ideal

okay, you have to sign a cheque for Thomas, and we will be even (być kwita)

nowadays, there is a big demand for cigarettes

DEMAND FOR – popyt


what is your excuse for leaving me all by myself then?

that was a punishment for treating him like a baby

the reason for leaving that university was a really hard level

that was a request for understanding


you know what? he has  vocation for being a priest (powolanie)

tom has weakness for beautiful women

i will not take responsibility for your actions

there is no room for people like you


i have no respect for people who treat animals badly

i felt sympathy for pauline because of her mother

what is a recipe for a cake or cupcakes


did you find any answer to that question?

the solution to your problem is giving up. you will never change yourself. you are so hopeless

she got an invitation to the birthday party of the most popular girl in the whole school

he did a enormous damage to his country


he is addicted to = hooked on

it’s threat to your life

have you been paying attention to your biology classes?

this thread will be deleted


she had enormous problems with access to the internet

i can’t send you those files, i have no access to the internet

he takes pride in ignoring her


he made a comment on my haircut (it is also possible to use comment about )

she expressed her dependance on him

i have a great reliance on Pauline

i have to remember about that tax on your car


i am so TIPSY / LOADED right now

i had another quarrel with my husband

i have encounter with my lecturer


according to the report, there is no connection between two cases



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