it’s at your own risk!

Macedonia – Skopje

on Christmas day

at Christmas

i have a cup of coffee every morning


on time – punctual ; departure

you are just in time for dessert

previous = preceding = prior = the former


the latter = following = next

i do not want to be involved in that case


i want to sustain our conversation, don’t you know that?

i have not seen you for ages!

it’s been ages since i last saw you!

we’ve been friends for ages


i have had this dress for years (od lat)

for centuries

jane and paul have been fighting for hours

i’ve been reading since breakfast


you should bake this cake for an hour

the man was sentenced for three months in prison

i’d love to get away for a few days at least


all those emotions went away

tom hasn’t called since we last spoke

from beginning to end


i guess we will be home and dry  a month from now

everything will change from now on (od tego czasu)

from now on – od tego czasu, momentu


until – czynnosc, ktorej zakonczenie znamy, lecz czas rozpoczecia jest dla nas niewiadomy


from Monday till Friday


until she comes

until five o’clock

until now


jim is on leave until next Friday

he was angry with me after I called him that night

what about the day after tomorrow?


the day before yesterday

we do not take calls after five o’clock

day after day it kept raining


day after day they kept quarrelling


he put out the fire

THEY set two cars on fire


i will be far away from here three months from now

do not eat any sweets before dinner

i always go for a jog before breakfast


i was really bored during the performance

jim fell asleep, while he was watching tv

while i was preparing dinner, my husband was setting the table (laying the table)


by Monday

by three o’clock

by now (do chwili obecnej; do tej pory)


be back by midnight!

be back by dusk

be back by dawn (daybreak)

be back by twilight


Sally should be here by now. Where is she? (ona powinna juz tu byc)

hurry up! by the time we get to the shop, everything will have been sold

kiedy dojechalismy na kemping, bylo juz ciemno :


by the time we arrived at the campsite, it was dark

i had no idea they had got divorced, until now (Past Simple + Past Perfect)

Yesterday, i was at Pauline’s and the day before yesterday i went to the theatre with Jenny


i work night shift !!

my husband was cleaning the flat, during i was cooking dinner. It is impossible to use that word ‘during’ in that context..

the word ‘during’ and the word ‘while’ are not interchangeable. it is highly recommended to use the word ‘while’ when we are talking about two continuant actions that happened at the same time


continuant – nieprzerwany

from nine to five

from nine till five


we can use the word ’till’ when we know the beginning of the action, as well as the end

the thieves went through our belongings [possessions]


when we are talking about continuant activity

i can’t meet you staight after work, I have to go to the post office first.

everything will change from now on..


in the dark, everything seems to be terrifying !!!

from the moment i saw him, i knew he was the one for me

let’s go to a pub


she is coming back from london in a few weeks. i can’t wait to see her again

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