fuck ’em

get there in time for trailers

we are leaving at sunrise, so be prepared!

i must be home by (before) 9 a.m.


i promise i won’t lie to you from now on

i’ve known i wanted to be a doctor since i was five year old kid

the main protagonist!



you are just in time. the boss is looking for you

on the ceiling? used properly?

WHAT’S that on your face?


on the table

on the wall

on the desk

on the floor

on the ceiling


on a bus/ on a train

on a bicycle/ motorcycle

what’s that on your shirt?


i live on the second floor, what about you?

i live on the tenth floor

i live on the ground floor (parter)


okay, okay.. don’t panic! i am on my way!

i am on my way to see my friends

just keep calm.. as i said, i am on my way


this beautiful, picturesque city is situated (located) on the lakes. how cool is that?

if it comes to go to the downtown, you have to take the second turning

my friend is still on a diet, therefore because of her i cannot derive from life ! 😀


she did it on purpose (=deliberately = intentionally)

what about going there on foot, how does that sound?

have you seen the news?


have you seen her on television?

sorry that i didn’t drop you a line then, but i was busy talking on the phone


on schedule i am able to meet you

London is situated on the river Thames

i don’t eat sweets, i am on a diet


these dresses are on sale!

you are standing at my door. it’s so pathetic

i don’t know. these pots should be


i crossed the street, then i took the second turning and as i was walking along the main street, i met her at the bus stop crying

i can’t be involved in that case, i was at the office all day long


i noticed her at the station/ at the airport

there is a really nice desk clerk at the reception


there’s someone at the door. can you open it?

i’ll stay at home today. i don’t feel like getting up

your English composition should be ROUND HERE (gdzies tutaj) at the bottom

your English composition should be round here at the top


look out! there’s an iceberg in front of us

at the cinema

at the doctor’s / at the hairdresser’s


i spent last two hours at the hairdresser’s

as i said you do it at your own risk


at the chemist’s / at the grocer’s

Z PREDKOSCIA 100 mil/ minute

at 100 miles an hour


i saw her at the corner of the street

she was crossing the street and i was standing at the corner of the street

i’ll call you back, i am at hairdresser’s now!

there’s a post office at the corner of the road


my dad’s a sailor. he’s been at the sea for over 6 months now.

in the countryside

in the room

in the building

who is that man in the photo?


look at the stars in the sky


i am in a hurry, i can’t talk to you now


i am in danger.. like this endangered species

she is driving at 100 miles an hour

i was dancing in the rain!



can i pay in cash or do i have to do it by credit card?

you have to wait in a long queue


arrive in – refers to cities, countries

arrive in Poland ; arrive in Brasilia


arrive at (buildings, events )

just go home!

as i got home, i called him

i was at the conference then!



an eerie daybreak

this building was DISMANTLED!! (demontowany)

i am on my way to help you


tax evasion – nieplacenie podatkow

it was quite EVASIVE ANSWER !!

i can’t believe this car is for sale!


i bought it on sale

that wasn’t much of a bargain!

it was a real bargain!


there’s someone at the door! can’t you hear the bell?!

if you are going to drop by,  please let me know !


i will call you as soon as i get to my office

highway = freeway= motorway


as i said i was sitting by the lake (beside) at sunset

the result of your test was below our expectations!

the cat was under the table


i am in dire straits if you ask about my school education

2 degrees above zero or below zero

okay, hang this lamp over that desk


someone has parked their car in front of my gate. gosh!

let’s put the sofa between the armchair and the wardrobe

a little house was hidden among the trees


i would really like to sit beside you

i leaned against the wall(opierajac)

i like to feel your hand against my face (dotykajacy)


just opposite my house

the earth revolves round the sun

I LIVE ROUND THE CORNER (tuz za rogiem)


it’s warm inside

there’s someone outside, the dog keeps barking

little puppy hid underneath the blanket (cos jest przykryte)




beautiful sunset beyond the horizon!


i will be back within 20 minutes

there are no shops within 20 kilometres

within EU borders (w granicach)


get in – get out

get on – get off


i got into his car, and we drove away

as i get out of his car, he hawked at me!


all of a sudden = suddenly = out of the blue = all at once

we walked up that hill for over 2 hours

come down from that tree!

he fell down the stairs


to reach the books from the shelf

you might hurt yourself


he jumped over the fence! (ponad cos, przez)

he kicked the ball over the GARDEN WALL


bedzie przebiegac : the new highway will go straight through the village

there are some strange noises coming through the window

go past the church and turn right


what time is the train from glasgow

he stood up and walked towards the door



a man ran out of the building..


by chance = accidentally

i always get seasick

i always get nervous when i have to speak in public


we can go somewhere in my car



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