at the scene = on the spot

Tom and Jerry are perfect for one another

I burnt myself while cooking

I cut myself shaving

to hurt oneself


behave yourself!

i prepared dinner myself

i guess she will dump you herself


the room itself is nice, but i long for my old apartment

give me that right away!

these books are mine and those books are yours


we completely lost track of time

which shoes do you like more?

neither one


friends of yours?

this book is my mum’s

such a woman is a treasure


does this red car belong to you?

who is that woman in the photo?

i can’t put(wear) this dress on. i look fat!


that restaurant we went to was very expensive

she is playing the piano in her (free time = spare time = leisure)

pastime = hobby; entertainment

reading is one of my favourite pastimes


pastime = occupation

it’s a silly pastime, isn’t it?

waiting was not among my favourite pastimes




you have to remember about that preposition which refers to times of day and is used when defining time itself


twilight = dusk

dawn = daybreak


at dawn

at dusk

at lunchtime

at sunset (o zachodzie slonca)

at sunrise (o wschodnie slonca)


sitting by the lake at sunset

sitting by the sea at sunset

❤ awww

gimme that moment!


at midday[noon]

at midnight


i’ll meet you at six at the office

we are leaving at dawn


here you go

here you are !!!


we completely lost track of time

she is at the age of my sister

Tom & Jerry see one another only at Christmas

she was cooking and looking after her little child at the same time


at present, i am at loss

what about going somewhere at the weekend?

no no, it’s not fine by me, elsewhere, okay?

aargh.. neither suits me


on Christmas Day

on our wedding day

on New Year’s Day



i was born o 5th January, 1990

it was very common in the Middle Ages


on Sunday morning

on Monday morning

i hate getting up in the morning


okay, i promise i will do that, but in a moment..

in a few weeks’ time

in a few weeks


yaaaay, in two days?

yaaaay, in two days’ time?


i will give you the answer in two weeks

my visa runs out in a few months


run out = expire?

he will turn 18 in five months’ time

is there anything i can do for you?


ON TIME – dokladnie na czas, punktualnie..there were no delays, the conference began on time

IN TIME – w sam raz


you are just in time for dessert

in the beginning = AT FIRST

at the beginning – na poczatku czegos


in the beginning, i thought he was shy, but he turned out to be very friendly

the professor checked our homework at the beginning of our class


to lavish compliments (nie szczedzic komplementow)

i am taking a few days off at the end of this month

in the end, he turned to be very adorable


we can set out at night, what would you say ? ( co powiesz na ) =HOW DOES THAT SOUND – co ty na to


By indolentlady

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