i am not myself anymore

my brother is never angry with me

i am not a big fan of hollywood movies

i will give you the answer in two days’

our teacher is never late for classes


she rarely speaks in public

hard-working = industrious diligent

be an expert on sth

i am not an expert ON computers

i am not an expert on history

i am not an expert on german


i do not know much about these branches of education

my french is not good.. i do not speak french well (good as an adverb)

i made dinner ; breakfast


they spend most evenings AT home

sociable = outgoing

i am very keen on fashion (vogue)

i am fond of talking to people like you


should you see her, give her my regards

what do you want for breakfast?

what do you want for dinner ?

what do you want for supper?

he usually walks to school


he is never late for school

okay, but hurry up, i gotta go to bed, because i have to get up early for school tomorrow


i see him only at Christmas


are you coming here for Christmas?

be home for Christmas

TURN the tv DOWN

put this coat on


he is standing at my door right now

straightaway = on the spot = right away = immediately = at once

i had to show him my disapproval straightaway

he looks bored with the party


i am going to the mountains

i have been very busy this week

he is studying for A test

he will be flying for the first time


it’s quite understandable

what time does the library open on weekdays

gone bad = rotten

these tomatoes went  bad

these eggs went bad

this meat went bad (it’s rotten)


what are you looking for!

i cannot talk to you anymore

i haven’t been sleeping well for a couple of days

this night was really restless, i was not able to sleep at all

By indolentlady

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