i do the reverse

the reverse (odwrotnosc, przeciwienstwo)

reverse gear – wsteczny bieg

top gear – najwyzszy bieg

in order to change myself ( w celu, zeby)

feedback = result


every time you act out of fear, the fear grows

SOOTHE – koic (cierpienie,bol) , usmierzac bol, lagodzic nerwy

the attitude i want to replace the old one with


i have to use willpower

the treatment is painful, but i am going to persevere with it

endure = manage = handle


actual danger – rzeczywiste niebezpieczenstwo

even very old attitudes can be changed

they are just

i will be happy when it’s over


i am thinking the worst possibilities that could happen

think (wyobrazac sobie)

he is going out for coffee

i get CRANKY (=moody=fussy = grumpy) – zbzikowany, stukniety, nawiedzony

do you get cranky after you smoke weed?


as sure as eggs is eggs (jasne jak dwa razy dwa)

i can be really bitchy (jedzowaty, zlosliwy, gderliwy)

POSITIVE =certain, sure



i say a short prayer



he cheated on her..

every single word

every single (kazdy jeden)


i know that man i am with right now..

i will do anything there is.. to make him happy



encounter-spotkanie, kontakt

do you want your coffee plain or with milk


flaw = defect = downside = blemish

jeez = geez (o ja cie, jeeeeeez)

it will take a little while


UPTIGHT – sztywny, nerwowy, skryty, zamkniety w sobie

it will drive him away

reflex – bodziec, odruch

self-defeating behaviour

INTERCEPT – przechwycic,przejmowac, zatrzymywac


TEMPER TANTRUM – furia, napad zlosci, histeria


in order for sth – w celu, zeby cos

MEANINGLESS – niezrozumialy, bezsensowny ; SENSELESS


honey = hon

INQUISITIVE – wscibski, dociekliwy (okreslenie perjoratywne)

sane = sensible


he assisted me at the meeting

it can assists with you


GO OFF at him – wybuchnac

POND – sadzawka, oczko wodne 

pond; pond; pond (sadzawka)

blindfold  – zawiazywac oczy


i felt no guilt or jealousy

you have to get rid of jealousy

By indolentlady

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