make my day!

if you think that this is something you can do for the rest of your life, then you should take a chance, take a risk, and go for it. you should have a go, give it a try..

in case you don’t feel like doing it and all what that activity brings to you is boredom and discouragement, then you should

give it a miss. 🙂 (odpuscic sobie)


she let go of his hand(puscic reke)

by no means – pod zadnym warunkiem

i will stay in

i will stay out


i am restless = nervous

it was a restless night, i couldn’t sleep at all

the children always get restless when we are travelling



splendid, brilliant idea

massive satisfaction!

featuring = starring

copycats = imitators


she is a FRESHMAM

welcome 😉

reckless  = careless, unwary



i could provide you only ersatz of that product

live venue

i can accompany you if you wish

how much did he ask for that car?


veer my opinion

veer this car

fling; flung; flung = hurl


die-hard = stubborn = persistent

hold back = discourage

you have to take these pills every other day (on alternate days)

he received a standing ovation


i am waiting for divorce to come through


i am bouncing on the spot (w miejscu)

we have to do errands on the spot


sequel – nastepstwo, kontynuacja filmu

prequel – wydarzenia poprzedzajace akcje dziela

it’s a safe bet (to jest pewne jak w banku)

he is keeping guard


Ganges – river in the south asia (India)

i will make a mental note = remember

you have to trush word of mouth (przekaz ustny)



he is far from the ideal man

i would like to convey how grateful i am for your sacrifice

i live on a shoestring

cutting edge


implication = hint

implication = consequence


vote with my feet – to show my disapproval

she went out with a circle of friends despite of her mother’s disapproval

disappointed = disilussioned




dandriff – łupież

gingivities – zapalenie dziasel

caries – prochnica


in spite of the fact that i specifically asked to be near the fire

it’s up to you. in other case you will have to give it a miss

it can be very uplifting in situation like this one


flamboyant = extravant = outrageous

his outfit is very flamboyant. so is his personality

okay. you have to make up your mind very quickly or find a job elsewhere (somewhere else)

john made my day. definitely


abruptly, all of a sudden, all at once, suddenly

he did it deliberately, on purpose


i am so sorry i really am ! the whole situation got out of my hand and i was at a loss ( i had no idea what to do)

even though i had called there to confirm that very morning

i get through money like a water. it’s so hard for me not to spend my money. i can’t wait until i get a new infusion of cash


INFUSION (zastrzy – gotowki)

injection – zastrzyk

how to make an injection?


conspicous consumption – to buy some things only because you want to show off, you want to show people how well – off you are and how much money you can spend on various things. it’s soooo vain.

displaying income of money- SZPAN


posh = fancy

i will put it away for a rainy day

running out of cash. i hate it !!!!

hoarding = billboard


what about starting the revolt?= mutiny, rebellion

it’s an one-off opportunity= throwaway

immense satisfaction


she is a nervous wreck

forgetful= absent-minded

she is a PA = personal assistant



discernment – you can use your discernment to find the garment that would be an appropriate one for you

she is self-conscious = embarrassed

embarrassed silence :]


EFFORT = endeavour – wysilek, trud

i put so much energy into it

endoresement = approval


what comes around goes around

without the hassle

okay, so bring the curtain down


level-headed = calm

he is burn out. he had worked a lot before he started that work

if you want to say something, raise your hand, please

i am worn out = beat (informal)= exhausted




okay, i have to keep calm because i don’t want to get over excited..

everything is far-fetched and his evidence is air-tight(nie do podwazenia)



i would be home&dry(successful)

watch your backs

drop me a line


i am at a loss = i don’t know what to do

off-duty (poza sluzba)

promulgate = spread

reconciliation = when the two of sulked people make up. they get rid of anger

disadvantage = downside


sincere = frank = genuine = candid = honest

it is taken straight from the fast and the furious


on the spot = at once = immediately = straightaway = right away

i have to take a step right away

i overheard your conversation. shame on me


syringe  = strzykawka


take revenge on sb = get back at sb


enable – dac moznosc, umozliwic

my words are heartfelt

self-righteous = self-opinionated

diminish = decrease

vulnerable = sensitive


love means never having to say i am sorry

he will find you out

FIND YOU OUT (zdemaskowacC)

glossary – slowniczek (na koncu ksiazki)


sloppy = untidy

trigged = neat


go over the top = exaggerate

holding hands

cheeeeeeks again

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