brain teaser! gosh, i spent so many time thinking about that

siamese twins


your own flesh & blood – krewniak, czlonek rodziny

blood and guts – fight that requires totally sacrifice; mortal combat; life-and-death struggle


in-laws – parents of your spouse

blood relatives = więzy krwi  just ties (ties, bond )

please state which one

she was going steady with Paul !!


to come through – dojsc do skutku, nadchodzic

lots of love for now

marital status

my lord!

without struggle, there is no progress


i guess that idea of getting engaged is an old-fashioned custom. i don’t understand all that circus around this event.

if one person loves the other one and they are thinking about getting married some time in the future, they ought not to

wonder any more, but make the decision and do it at once, on the spot.


waiting for his divorce to come through

the capital city of Urugway is Montevideo

EQUATOR – rownik

belize – belmopan (central america)

guatemala – guatemala city

el salvador – san salvador

nicaragua – managua



niger – niamey

panama – panama

costa rica – san jose

columbia – bogota


afganistan – kabul

pakistan – islamabad

romania – bucharest

zambia – lusaka


uganda – entebbe

zimbabwe – harare

bulgaria – sofia

venezuela – caracas


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