cape town – the republic of south africa


smirck = sneer


the other way round – na odwrot, odwrotnie

back to front

inside out

cigar – cygaro


meet me in the halfway = mid-way

at the south pole – biegun polnocny

the arctic circle – kolo podbiegunowe polnocne

SE – southeast


el paso – texas

valencia – spain

brasil can be divided into 26 states, one of them is Rio de Janeiro

stand on Rhine (ren)


adjacent to = neighbouring

follow the main road

across the traffic lights

and then through a long tunnel


Ganges – river in the southern part of Asia

Nil – is the second longest river on the earth just after Amazon


southernmost – najbardziej wysuniety na poludnie

steep = sheer (stromy)


the coast was very steep

himalayas – asia; mount everest; k2

beside the lake = at the lake (przy jeziorzE)

RAIL – kolej

cross-country – bieg przelajowy


parallel – rownoleznik

bear right = turn right

junction = crossroad


LEVEL CROSSING – przejazd kolejowy

SPIRE OF TREE (czubek drzewa )

point = crest = tip= spire

as the crow flies – w linii prostej


THROUGH ROAD – droga laczaca


pillar box – stojaca skrzynka na listy


revolving door – drzwi obrotowe

SPIRAL STAIRCASE – schody krecne

this wardrobe has sliding door

sliding door – rozsuwane drzwi


living room = front room

master bedroom – the main bedroom in the house

guest room = spare room


water closet

flush – splukiwac wode w toalecie

flush = blush – zarumienic sie


on the right as you look at it

directly in front of you

next to the piano

along the wall opposite


i got cramp

at all times

voluminous dictionary (wielotomowy)

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