without struggle there is no success

big-time (well-known ; famous)

to be in your prime ( the best age! )

first name? = forename?

surname = last name

middle name


catchy alias = nickname

diminutive – zdrobnienie jezykowe

ringo starr = the beatles (RICHARD STARKEY)

haven – shelter


COTE d’AZUR(lazurowe wybrzeze)

the riviera

jeer = scoff = mock

STRETCH – rozciagniecie


descendants of Queen Elizabeth II:


2)Anne Phillips (maiden name – windsor)


4)Edward (the youngest one)


pen-name – pseudonim literacki

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel – the tallest building in France

Mark Twain – Tomek Sawyer

you have to get rid of that AGONY (udreka)

agony = anguish

coooooming up = approaching = getting closer


you have to be mentally competetive

if somebody is better than you, all you have to do is to RUN FASTER

she kicked the bucket – kopnac w kalendarz

COMING OF AGE – you are 18 years old now! you are responsible for your actions


BRAINTEASER – trudne zagadnienie, lamiglowka


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