to be honest i do not feel any repentance.

an only child

flesh & blood ( z krwi i kosci)

paul comes from a broken home (his parents got divorced long long time ago)

do i hear wedding bells?


pauline is going steady with thomas (this relationship is for real. they love each other so much. it’s a safe bet that they will be together for the rest of their lives)

here you are, mrs

rouble – russia

yen – japan

rand – jednostka monetarna; south africa

markka – finland

drachma – is not used any more; but it was the currency of greece

guilder – the same situation. holland


dutchman, englishman, irishman, frenchman, welshman


crescent – półksiężyc

THE High Street

pudding lane 1666 – the great fire of london

lane – uliczka, tor ruchu


grove – zagajnik, kepa drzew

GROVE – uzywane w nazwach drog

roughly – z grubsza, mniej wiecej

CUL-DE-SAC – slepa uliczka, brak przejazdu

cul de sac = dead end

bric a brac


tallish – he is tallish, i guess

get rid of SPLIT ENDS (rozdwojone koncowki)

have you noticed? warts? (kurzajki)

gum – dziaslo


bed sore

spots, pimples, blemishes

i like to swim underwater (pod woda)

the doctors think it’s a CONCUSSION (wstrzas mozgu)

ulcer – wrzod


HEADFIRST – without any wonder

headfirst – glowa na dol

giddy teenage girl – she acts hastily


it’s not a rocket science, keep calm

fortnight = 2 weeks

SHIN – golen

i bruised my shin 😦

on the third day


i don’t like it when i get cramp (dostac skurcz)

you have to TOE THE LINE – you have to be obedient in this case and you have to listen commands..

large intestine

intestine = bowel


i’m right-handed

it’s out of sight, out of earshot, out of reach

within earshot (w zasiegu)


honest = candid, frank

STAND IN SB’S WAY – wadzic komus, stac na drodze

malicious – zlosliwy, podly

malicious = spiteful


vivacity = vitality

bloodshed – rozlew krwi

kneecap = patella


that’s just make-believe. she is not confident at all

make-believe (pozor)

pensive = thoughful




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