you have to put up with your shortcomings or, simply, get rid of them!

i was not hugely disappointed when i heard that lack-of-sense news

you gotta take these pills on alternate day (every other day)

he received a standing ovation. he’s gifted.

he sleeps very soundly. he really does


there is a security guard out there and he is keeping guard at all times

she is far from the ideal woman


i am not able to follow this  promise right now, it will take some time, so all you can do at the moment is..

to trust my word of mouth

by no means you are given a permission to leave your younger sister alone in a crib

i am living on a shoestring. it means that i am a shopaholic.. so i can’t wait until i get some money and buy something really nice. it’s so sa. it’s so pitiful


what was the implication (result) of his behaviour?

accuracy = thoroughness

i have to tell you that i will vote with my feet so that i will show my disregard & disapproval

yeaaa (zaiste).. i get through money like water


she is my PA (personal assistant)

mutiny = rebellion = revolt

posh = fancy


forgetful = absent- minded

IMMENSE SATISFACTION.  how can i take advantage of it?

how can we build our own happiness on sb’s mishap?

i don’t feel like talking to him



one-off = throwaway

ohhh.. this gear is out of order

What comes around, really goes around

i brought the curtain down


you’ve got my endorsement (approval)

without the hassle = you can be calm, level-headed as far as that situation goes

it’s dangerous to do such things in built-up areas


i am too hard up right now, so i cannot afford to buy any other dress

when you work too much, you can be burnt out easily in the nearby future

mr & mrs willis are well-off

it does not have to be hyphened


how to not get overexcited

gosh, his evidence is air-tight (it’s certain, it’s a safe bet)

i have to have a go, have a try, i will give him a try



i  am at a loss, so i don’t know what to do in that case (w takim razie, w takiej sytuacji)

drop me a line = tell me how are things

watch your back = be careful = be wary


on the spot = at once

at that place

some trends are promulgated by her (spread)

spreading those lies


why did you give me a cold shoulder

hoarding = billboard

i don’t want to live like a lord


spring CAME AROUND (pory roku)

i came around.. or maybe it’s just an illusion?


we have to get some pleasure

cheer up.. aargh

haaaaair & cheeks

nice colour combination. black leather jacket is my must-have

miles away..

i have my head in the clouds (Chodzic z glowa w chmurach)


which one?



By indolentlady

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