without the hassle :)

you don’t have to worry about it at all

throwaway society it’s our society


fire extinguisher

it helps to put out the fire 😀

remarkably – wybitnie, wielce


enticiting description – necacy, powabny, wabiacy

bidder – licytujacy

bid – oferowana cena


to attract potencial bidder

basically, you don’t have to do anything

self-conscious = shy, timid, reticent, retiring, taciturn


far fetched things.. i guess

air-tight – nie przepuszczajcy powietrza

it’s got many long-term benefits (dlugoterminowych korzysci)


level headed = calm

quick-witted = sensible = wise = bright

so called

mass produced


retailing – handel detaliczny

self-made man


but i am a self-made


it does not have to be hyphened

built up areas

built-up areas


hard-up = broke

run-down = exhausted = worn out


compensation = damages





one-off =throwaway

well-off = wealthy  = rich

BURN OUT – wypalic sie zawodowo

what conclusion to draw from it ?


disappointed at how ungrateful people seemed to be

contentment = exhilaration

as he was speaking, she was growing more and more angry


JINGLE – slogan

standpoint = point of view = viewpoint

best fits each gap

adopt the following approach (przyjac )

grab the reader’s attention


overt = clear

hoarding = billboard



covert = not as clear as we used to think 😀

subliminal – podprogowy

high-profile = well known


brand names





packaging – promocja


phenomenon (plural : phenomena)

catch up on sth – nadrobic cos

i thought i was home and dry !!! 😦 = succeed


his  check bounced (nie przyjac czeku, nie honorowac)

hindsight – madrosc po fakcie, perspektywa czasowa

disadvantage = downside


watch your back = take care

i am at a loss = i am not sure what to do


drop me a line = write some words to somebody

on the whole – generalnie

unharmed – nietkniety, caly i zdrowy


prolonged – dlugotrwaly

RETAIL – sprzedaz detaliczna

outlet – punkt sprzedazy po nizszych cenach


replacement – wymiana


unfortunate places

home&day = successful


bric-a-brac – bibeloty

damp = wet  = moist – wet in a nice way

equally waterproof


wildlife – flora i fauna

self-belief -wiara w siebie


telling lies

set out for a stroll





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