touch base with you :D

it depends. if we have any abilities, we are skilled at such branch as music why

wouldn’t we go for it? if we can sing nicely or play some instruments we should give it a try 🙂

when we are not high-skilled and all we can do is singing out of tune,

the most sensible way out is just giving a miss 🙂 hey! we can still listen to

our favourtite music and this is so great! music can change the world! music can change people..


i would rather listen recorded music, because then i won’t hear any squawking voices 😀

everything has to be perferct although, seeing my favourite band or singer would

persuade me to go to a live concert 😉


sure, i like it. when i am in a bad mood (it does not happen very often when i  am shopping)

hearing background music can cheer me up . it can make my day!

moreover, it makes my shopping more pleasant.


capable = able

contributing = participating

things got out of hand


he no longer listens to it properly


as far as i am concerned classical music seems to be very inspiring.

i admire the artistry (kunszt) of composers. listening to that kind of music brings on

various brilliant ideas. moreover, it helps me to concentrate, as well.


classical music is the medicine of mind.

i found hip-hop really annoying. it makes me wanna shout at my brother and pick a fight !! 😀

classical music is  good for both happy and sad moments in our life 🙂


i would die without music! there are some moments in our life when we feel so depressed,

disillusioned, we are fed up with everything. we cannot find any sensible reason to live,

then we hear our favourite catchy, lively track, we think about lyrics a while and the whole

situation clears up.. we start to think that maybe life is not that bad?

maybe we have someone to live for.. maybe we are not as hopeless as we used to think.

as i said music can change everything..


i guess, musicians should be paid more than people doing other types of work. firstly,

they are gifted, they have a great talent ! they are sensible to beauty.

they perceive the world in a  completely different  way.

such sensitivity should be rewarded.. secondly, they are doing a really

hard work. it costs them a lot.


they have to be fully-prepared for various concerts. as we know it means :

constant rehearsals, auditions

and as a result : stress, lack of sleep.. and so on and so fourth

By indolentlady

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