hugely disappointed?

he is getting much more forgetful


he received a standing ovation 

i distributed it via the internet

by the end of June, i will have been completely different person


personal development. sure as hell!

every time i see some nice outfit at the shopping mall i find it so hard to resist that strong

desire to have something pleasant and brand new.

i am a spender, unfortunately! it’s very hard to me to save money. i live on a shoestring 😦

kissing at the shopping mall!


posh = frenzy

flashy = flamboyant = garish


who do you agree with

scrimper (ciułaczka)



status seekers.. i never look at the price tag

i bought it on impulse (on the spur of the moment) 


second hands are okay. i hope i will find some gold nugget among that heap of clothes 🙂

or maybe i will put money away for a rainy day? naaah..

a-must have item. trench coat.. no no no


haha 🙂


conspicuous consumption = just showing off?

go on a spree (wyprzedaaazE)

aaaaaaaa.. running out of cash. i hate that 😦

influx of money?  : far from it


a nest egg? kinda sum for rainy day

a nest egg


on the catwalk

these expenses were a sound investment (secure,safe)

shopaholic!! 😦


i am getting through money like water

why why why?


mutiny = rebellion = revolt

he is my personal assistant (PA)

discernment – rozroznienie


one-off = throwaway!!!! you have to go for it, rly

immense satisfaction 🙂


immense = grant = giant = massive = large =big

tiny = small = diminutive = microscopic = minor


what comes around, goes around. it really works..

fund-raising event (spotkanie w celu zbierania pieniedzy)






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