when i am fond of some bands i would go to see such a concert, without any doubts.

i would take advantage of such event to have fun listening to my favourite tracks. it does

not really matter wheter performer is a copycat or a real musician. i would take it

as  a wonderful opportunity to spend time with all my friends. on one condition!

they have to sing nicely! not out of tune 🙂 so i can derive from it.


tribute bands are getting more and more popular.. reasons can be various.

people are indolent, idle, thus lack of resourcefulness. they can be very

fond of some bands and performing their songs can please them, so they are

doing such things to have fun.

it can also be an easy way to get rid of your financial problems. you can gain

a lot of money performing famous songs. what’s the most important, you don’t

have to have any big abilities to do that.


people who don’t have money or opportunity to go to see real musicians.

people who are fond of band and they are trying to take advantage


a) probably they are not respected by people from music business.

they perceive them as people who are not creative enough to invent something

themselves. they are using someone else’s fame and making money and they do not

deserve that


b) i am certain that original band members are not happy about it. they can feel anger

that someone is immitating their work (it could be compliment that someone is so interested

in another person that he/she is copying and admiring, but on the other side it could really

piss original band members off). these bands must have put a lot of effort, nerves into it

and someone is just copying it without any trouble.

By indolentlady

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