sherwood! :D

he was floating on the surface of the water

floating – latajacy, unoszacy sie na powierzchni

blossom = bloom

i spoiled my children

i hate the stink of rotten fish !!!


incessant rain (nieustajcy deszcz)

incessant = perpetual


i’ll keep it for a rainy day

you can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself .  *once again, here*


a flow of words (potok słów)

flow – przyplyw (morza); przeplyw


PROM. good times

it’s a chance for me to learn French better

flowery meadow


i have to enhance my window of opportunity 🙂

flowery speech (kwiecista mowa przemowienie)



although such thing crossed my mind

although she is nice, i don’t like her that much


sigmund freud – psychology

alexander fleming – penicillin  (1928)

DECEASE – zgon 

fade away = pass away = die

neil armstrong – mooooon


within walking distance (w niewielkiej odleglosci)

cruel = savage = stern = strict

two-faced = hypocritical = bogus = fake


perpetuate – utrwalać


disorderly conduct.


revengeful = vindictive

vulnerable = sensitive

I HAVE TO PULL MY SOCKS UP and start learning

sheepskin coat 🙂 !




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