how many times do i have to tell you to keep down?

ape = monkey

we’ve got the chimp to catch


this button dropped off (odpaść) from my jacket

where should i drop you off ? (wysadzić)

i will drop you off in the city centre (downtown)


she will be hanging out with us

hanging out

ladies = ladies’ room


i want a more mature relationship with my mum

i can totally rely & support each other

craft – rzemioslo

i am tired of making pots


they are throwing pots (lapic garnek na kole garncarskim)

what was that about?

line dancing

rodzaj tańca country & western


yell at the television set

grandparents are giving you money when parents are not looking


everything will blow over

blow over (ucichnac)

blow over = pass


worry over nothing


how to get over him (dojsc do siebie, przebolec)


it’s nice to have another woman to talk about with

she is taking a yoga class with her mom

different baits are used to catch different fish


BAIT – przyneta

bill is short for william


maimed for life – byc okaleczonym na cale zycie

wide open

lucky at cards, unlucky in love

you made my day


go at the mall or something

i will get my purse

handbag = purse


i was unhappy with uncle Jack

i was unhappy with all those things

DIGIT – cyfra

it’s gonna take me hours



gimmie those bananas

let’s toss a coin

aargh – ech

i spent entire day crying over spilt milk

i spilt some water on the floor


they bought a pine table for the kitchen

coffee to go


By indolentlady

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