i have enough of that, really :(

i can’t sleep. it is destroying me.. i am so fed up of everyting..

i can’t imagine living my life that way


and look at this picture :

he is doing so well. i wish i could have that ease in talking to others

i am not feel like doing anything tonight

tide is out – jest odplyw


ya, tell me about it

he is revising for his maths exam

GET YOUR LEARN ON = make a progress


i will get sth on and we can go out

i am a teetotaller



his new video game is apparently selling like hot cakes

selling like hot cakes – sth is bought by lots of people


prep school = preparatory school

winter is upon us? nah

this road leads nowhere



she is a bootylicious girl (attractive)


beastly – okropnie, paskudny, nieznosny


pep rally – a gathering of people who wants to show their support and enthusiasm for a sports team before a game



unkown – niewiadoma

sugar coated – w polewie cukrowej, cukrowy

we gonna be on tv


it’s not that bad

pick someone’s brain – to ask for advice a person who knows a lot about something

i’m gonna keep my eye on you


hit the road = set out

could you just explain my children to me?

that outfit rocks

leading man – główna rola męska

role model – wzor do nasladowania


will you walk me to class?

why, did you forget how to get there?


not only do i not walk you to class but i don’t speak to you

it was nice knowing ya

you just said that to kate


that was priceless! good job!

i think we should stick with him (ktos wykonuje dla nas prace, nie chcemy tego zmieniac)


NOBEL PRIZE – nagroda nobla


why did you do this to my gnome?!


i have to speak English fluently!

one minute to come up with truth

take the blame


it’s time for you to go home

you are grounded


it’s a snap – to łatwizna

she snapped the suitcase (zamknac z walizke z halasem)

no one is better at being me than i am


you guys are keeping stuff from me?

stuffing = filling


she had a crash on you

she was in the fourth grade, she had a crash on you

i thought you were my friend


snack – podjadac

it was a mistake, unlike you :]

you are a jerk


we are in a fight

but the thing is gordo was the one who started it

he was the one who encouraged us to share the secrets

how should i handle it?


you should talk to him, OFF CAMERA!

me first

blow up my big opportunity

SORRY, NO CAN DO (tego nie da się zrobić)

i can’t use any of that



i just blew once-in-a-lifetime opportunity






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