pick on him

bonds = kinship = ties

FREEZE – zamrzec w bezruchu

he punched him in the stomach (cios piescia)

FILLING – sycacy

stuffin = filling

i admire your commitment

jersey = sweater

a little kid on your arm!

i am glad you can make it

waxing – między nowiem a pełnią (księżyc)

‘at a girl! = that a girl (zuch dziewczyna) 

pick on sb – czepiać się kogoś

don’t be walking away from me

i am gonna get some nachos

get out of my face

and i mean now!

TELL ME ABOUT IT (i komu to mowisz, i mnie tu mowisz?)

go-ahead (zielone swiatlo, pozwolenie na zrobienie czegos)

arrgh – ECH

at 35, she was over the hill (MIEC SWOJE LATA NA KARKU)  too old to play pro soccer 





he is greyish (szpakowaty, o siwiejacej osobie)

i didn’t get the memo (memorandum = notka, zawiadomienie)

i am practising for my recital

what was all about?

get out of your mind

i’ve been singing into a hairbrush

singing into a hairbrush 🙂 

we were behind you one thousand percent

singing into a hairbrush

you’ve got to be kidding me

mum and dad just face it, those things are out of my reach

i burnt my tongue

it passed me by – przeszlo mi kolo nosa,ominelo mnie

draw – remis & losowanie

i get nervous when people are staring at me

cut it out already!!!

cut it out – przestan

cartwheel – gwiazda (w gimnastyce)


wedge of geese

wedge heels – buty na koturnie


a wedge of geese

By indolentlady

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