in case you run out

run out (kiedy cos sie konczy)


ulcer – wrzod

he had a stomach ulcer when he was 23 years old

i am gonna get you


take the blame for something that you did

i go easy on you (traktuje cie lagodnie)

i can turn the whole school against you

pep rally

no, just everyone who is going to pep rally

SMITTEN – oczarowany, zachwycony

i actually feel kind of sorry for her

i wish i could take it back

i am so sick of getting Bs

you’ve got to be kidding me

dorky – idiotyczne

ribbon gymnastics

rhythmic gymnastics = ribbon gymnastics

go for it!

don’t come in

i am practising gymnastics

ANKLE BRACE – stabilizator na kostkę

doing my best

giving sth my best shot (zrobic wszystko na co cie stac)


bring one extra hoop (obrecz)


just getting a little air

why waste my time doing it?

even if it takes a little longer

as for my destiny..?

i’ll keep you posted ( być w kontacie) = keep in touch

Orlando, FL 

a common problem

ankle brace (stabilizator kostki)

BROWNIE – a chocolate cake with peanuts

hoop – obręcz

hoop rolling

according to your physical strength

my children are so dainty (wybredne) when it comes to food

dainty = fussy

noble features  = dainty features

she is rolling the hoop around her hips, waist

housebroken – to train to have excretory habits that are appropriate for indoor living



housebroken – nauczony czystosci


By indolentlady

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